Fall is coming and nearly came faster!



The wetness underfoot as I stepped out onto the deck nearly had me fall down the steps and into the covered pool … thank goodness that there was a fence in-between the pool and pond if I had or I could have ended up with the ducks lazily rippling the surface water where steam was rising from the pond!


Crimson’s tinge the trees, their journey to winter hibernation has begun. Sandra and Denise have a lovely spot where swimmers now lay folded in drawers and skates are now at the ready for when the water turns to ice. What happens to life below? How do they keep warm to survive the encasement?


dsc06529-1280x853It was back into downtown Halifax for some chores before Sandra took us onto the Peninsula to Peggy’s Cove. It’s a real tourist haven destination and photo bombing couldn’t be avoided! The Lighthouse was once a Post Office, on a good weather day everything went by sea; on a bad weather day everything went by air. Being reminded to stay off the black rocks so as not to become fish fodder was frequent, both in signage and from instruction from Sandra.








We drove passed a memorial monument where 229 names are etched into stone. They were passengers on Swissair Flight 111 that smashed into the shallows killing all on board back in 1998. The force of the crash made houses tremble on shore, a sombre part of the landscape history.dsc06566-1280x853

Marinating a chicken by sticking a can of beer up it’s butt was a first for us. It was all in preparation for Sandra and Denise’s friends who rocked up to join us for a dinner party and ukulele jam session. They were good … so was the beer butt plugged marinated chicken!


Pronouncing the word “deck” with our New Zealand accent sounded like “dick” to them. “Let’s go stand out on the slippery dick” they teased me with taking the piss out of me pronounciation!

All part of the ridicule one got for being the only male being present as more tunes echoed around the pond lake mist rising.

In idil spit for filk to sing lidly!