We had never seen a spread like it.


DSC05179-1280x853Sausages and french bread; home made cheese scones baked still warm from the oven before we sat at the breakfast table; blueberry or chocolate chip muffins; cheeses, yoghurt; fruit salad and options of cereal; and the cup of tea made fresh in a tea pot. Real cutlery and crockery versus the plastic and paper disposables.

And Rachel the Bed & Breakfast Owner had risen early to prepare ours because we were on a time line to depart so as to get on the road. Feasts like this don’t come often and one had to savour every bite on whatever entered the cake hole. It was fresh, delicious and putting raspberry jam on french toast which is cooked in egg was outside the square box.

I wasn’t missing out on the home made jam!


Rachel was a little older than us but of the same generation. Our conversations had depth with warm reflections of life growing up where respect for each other, other species, and what we had was the best. There just isn’t an App you can down load on your electronic device where you can tap ya fingers and it’s instantaneously there.

Life has become so complex that every now and again, enjoying a simple spread where tea is poured from a tea pot brings us back to what matters most. Stopping to swallow tea leaves by mistake and then spending some time trying to spit every one of the last little bugger out.

That’s respect for a great brew! One landing on someone elses dish of fruit salad … wish I had an App to hit the go back key on the phone, ops!


Our ride today had a lovely encounter. The meeting up again with Team Budnik who we met camping at Cobourg. They were the kind folk who donated the bottle of red wine for us to enjoy over our cooked camp supper. They were in transit pointed in our direction and we just happened to be stopped at and Esso gas station drinking a cupper from plastic cups. Tasted a bit like coffee as it came from a machine this time, versus a tea pot earlier.


It was like we were old friends and wish we could take them home to New Zealand with us as they have similar tastes in the outdoors. Maybe we need to migrate to Canada … maybe. Like before, it wasn’t a goodbye as much as we will see you again. They headed off in the direction of Hartland where the worlds longest covered bridge resides. We got back on Highway 2 as we loved the company of speeding trucks and cars. Nah, the down hills were long after the low gear ups.

There is something about having the air scream through you hair at speed, I tell ya. Or was it Claire on the back yelling at me to slow down holding on for dear life! I kinda forget the respect for my fellow passenger there, ahem!


As we registered with our stay for this day, there on the wall was a woodedn carved Tiki with paua shell eyes, just staring out looking.


Greetings to all our family and friends back home down under. Kiwiana hanging like that does that. Think of home. And the four hundred cups of tea we will end up consuming catching up with folk.


Cover the home made baking though. Wouldn’t want to spit a tea leaf out like this morning. That would be disrespectful.