Owwwwww it was soooooo gooooood not having to put on the costumes, load up the rig, get on, stabilize and then pedal.

No bottocks pressure point aches; no knee lift aches; no thigh burn aches; no elbow joint aches; no front on insect smacking the face aches … it was bliss! Just as well we made it in yesterday too as the weather had turned crappy just on dusk last night before meaning we could observe the slide of water down the window from inside a room versus absorb it on the outside of the room!


We’ve co-shared with Ken too which has meant clothing up; one can’t just trapse through the room without apparrel just willy nilly! It too has meant a cross pollenation of banter, chit chat and planning. We will hire a car to venture onto the Peninsula called ‘The Cabot Trail.’ Word’s of wisdom from many suggested not cycling it because of it’s share steep inclines so we have taken the softly softly tourist approach. It also allows the bodies to rest and recover for the last of the cycling and with the afternoon snoring ensemble, it was the right decision.
DSC05692-1200x1800After picking up the car, we visited the spot that houses the world’s largest fiddle at the Sydney port. The Leprechaun music heard from the speaker close by was cheery enough for us to dance some. Not too much though, the aches were just below the surface.


Our other cyclist friend Marcus concluded his cycle crossing of the Maple Leaf. A tremendous achievement having first hand experience from the grins and grimaces encountered. He has been our wikipedia on Canada’s history and current events; our lonely planet guide on distances, terrain, accommodation and food; our head’s up to keep an eye out for fellow bikers; our impromptu ‘lol’ thermostat in keeping a sense of humour for mental balance; and the most genuine smile from beneath the wirey crop of facial fluff.

A lazy day indeed.