DSC04976-1280x853It was like putting the key into the ignition: turning it right to fire up the cylinders; throwing it into automatic; and then pressing the pedal to the metal and then, we were into it. In just under 20 clicks up the road, we crossed over into the New Brunswick Province and bid Au Revoir to Quebec.



Signage was back in our native tongue and we resumed riding the highway without interruption from the local constabulary. We weren’t too phased by the long upward hauls because with reinvigorated frames. It was magic conditions with mild temperatures and a wide verge to own as highway 2 straddled the U.S. border.

DSC04982-1280x853The logging industry with hundreds of logs piled up like match sticks explained the logging truck traffic, there were heaps of them. Ski slopes were evident too with lifts in hibernation for the summer months. A sign indicating reference to the Appalachian Range stirred emotions of a future to do list adventure.



Battlestar Galactica shaped clouds filtered into the sky above threatening predicted thunder, lightening and rain and a speckle of rain teased us to pedal quicker. However, it farted out to nothing.


Todays accommodation is a Bed and Breakfast in Grand Falls. It’s lovely and the owner/operator very inspiring. It’s something we have conversed about doing during the time spent on the bike – it’s ironic how things present themselves in tune with things you consider unexpectedly! Once unpacked, we wandered down to the Falls themselves bumping into a fellow touring cyclist. From Montreal riding to Halifax, we were provided with some alternative route suggestions given his bum on bike seat experience of the Provinces. More food for discussion over the coming days.




It was nice to see some mention of the Indian history at Grant Falls. Very little during Quebec, it was like they didn’t exist at all in that Province.

To hasten our day to an end quickly, time went forward an hour meaning we lost 60 minutes from our day.

Wished we carried some jet-lag tablets to help with the adjustment! Will need the choke throttle pulled out tomorrow, that’s for sure!