DSC01683-1024x683Another push forward to White City on our flash new hard as bike seats. Breaking in the new leathers didn’t happen in the distance rode. Dear I write, more like our butts were again broken!


Thank goodness the ride today was 95% flat with minimal undulation. And with another thunder storm warning, it meant we had to give in and forgo a night camping for the creatures of comfort, a hotel bed. The bottom grins in-between the cheeks this night.

One can’t but help grin to the name of a city we by passed biking through.

One word; three syllables; known for being ‘The City of Fun’; and rhymes with the word vagina.

Any guesses?

Answer: Regina.

What were the people who were naming places in the wagon wheel days thinking when they named Regina, Regina? Everyone keeps taking the mickey out of the place, it’s hard not too!

DSC01687-1024x683What fascinated us more was how the mirage of Regina slowly grew from the ground into the city landscape, that was how flat is actually was today.

Another fascination was the deer that crossed the road right in front of us thinking the grass was greener on the other side. We watched it dodge speeding traffic, it came so close to becoming venison steak.




Saskatchewan is the land of the living skies. As the clouds banked, we were happy to be off and under cover. More so, back on the bikes again.


We have now passed the 2000 kms ridden. Experiencing what we have from the saddle has embodied the slow travel mindset. It’s the pleasure of the journey we tour for, after all.

No matter the leather.