Bike and trailer were re-united with assurances from locals that todays ride wasn’t as bad as yesterday’s as far as gradient incline.

DSC00605-800x533Absolute bollocks! Today we had to get off and push our rig up as we ran out of gears (we can only go to 30) on at least three occasions! Walking meant we were more exposed and therefore one of us had a 50% chance of at least one of us surviving a bear attack, and that all depended on which direction a bear appeared from.

A chap asked us yesterday what we would talk about going across Canada on a tandem for so long. Today it was what you would spend the insurance money on? Wouldn’t be biking across Canada again, that’s for sure!

DSC00602-800x533More beauty like yesterday, naturally. The scaring of the landscape from a distance revealed an open mine across a valley, it was huge. We think a number of rigs sharing the road were also larger than before … and that’s because we can look up better when both are pushing a bike up hill.

Alas, there are the downs after an up and these make for more interesting chit chat … where one wants to see how fast we can take the speedometer too – the other is screaming above the wind sheer to slow down.

Happy to write that there is no insurance claim to be made this day, ahem!

Meeting a young German chap who is cycling wilderness trails versus the road like us was inspiring. He made his own bike from bamboo and designed/made his own panniers to fit the bike. A very cool set up and he mentioned he saw us ride into town. We wondered if someone travelling like him would ever get lonely?

Huh, he probably thinks the opposite of us as to whether we would ever get any peace and quiet with being in each others company for so long.

Never … as long as the insurance premiums are up to date … we have lots to talk about!