DSC03743-1280x853A google search describes our route along the St. Lawrence River today better than I could possibly write: The Thousand Islands are a group of over 1,800 islands in the St. Lawrence River straddling the border of the U.S. and Canada. A fashionable retreat for the elite in the 19th Century, today the area is a hub for outdoor activities.

Which part of the description does the 400m climbing or strong head wind fit within?!DSC03712-1024x1536






To add flavour, the front brake disk pad we think had now worn to the metal causing a continuous screech, no matter how often we stopped to try to centre the wheel disk. It sometimes meant we were applying the brakes on the incline and sped up on the down!

It didn’t matter that we had thighs of concrete exhaustion arriving into Brockville later than anticipated. The bike hurting a little too.




According to google, Brockville used to be known as ‘Elizabethtown’; is known as the ‘City of The Thousand Islands’; is the launching point to some of the best fresh-water wreck diving in the world; and is the birth place of the Canadian Flag.

It also showed that there is a bike shop in town for us to get some rig repairs done. Right before we hunt out if 1,000 Island Dressing originated from here; wave to our friends who reside across the waters in the U.S.; and explore where the 19th Century elite retreated some.


The bike wants tomorrow off to recover. Huh, who are we argue with a Fatty 29?