Biofreeze is a gel you can rub on the parts of your body that aches. Claire has been using it off and on since given it back in Tobermory. She has got some joy from it’s relief and after yesterdays ride, it was applied to the legs again last evening.

I hadn’t until last night. Decided to use some to give some relief to the leg fatigue aches. Rubbed it on both calves and upper thighs.

Holy shit! It went from freezing to extremely hot in a matter of rubs! Powerful stuff too. One quick roll over for a cuddle and Claire’s right butt cheek became inflamed as well. We had to sleep with air between us and no blankets.

Didn’t regain consciousness to know when the heat abated but woke with all feeling back. Claire’s butt cheek looked balanced too.

The previous times where we have had days off the bike were active whether exploring or repairs and maintainance. We haven’t had a mental health day off just relaxing and doing absolutely nothing. Today we did and the bodies lapped up the extra sleep. It’s amazing how tired we actually are thinking the good nights sleep along the journey are enough. Fatigue is coming quicker nowadays which is all part and parcel of the adventure.

Let me add that I won’t be applying the parcel of gel again like last evening!

I can though thoroughly recommend that it’s excellent stuff to help with muscle aches and pains.

Word of advice: be mindful what muscles. A butt cheek would be as far one would want to apply it too.