Sault Ste Marie is the home of the first Woman Canadian Astronaut. Bruce Mine was the home of Canada’s first copper mine.





In-between these two firsts was yet another, the first time we have ever seen Amish/Mennonite’s in real life.

DSC02704-1280x853We happened to be stopped at a cross roads 10 kms west of Bruce Mine when up one of the side roads trundled five covered horse drawn buggies.


Men sporting beards and wearing hats reigned onto the Trans-Canada Highway in-front of us and the travelled off up the same verge we were standing. The children also wearing costumes gazed with open eyes at us as much as we did them. We waved with a smile and only the odd one responded – the men held faces firm certianly not using the ‘smelly socks’ grin whilst taking photo’s!

Did they look at us and wonder what life is like for us folk wearing the costumes we were wearing with our tandem transportation?

It was last time we saw them as they dissappeared in a cloud of dust over the brow.

Except for the horse poo left behind for which we had to dodge.

That was a first this journey too.