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17/11/16 We Will Make It As Homely As We Can.

Our time since arriving into Auckland has been belly laughing with our close friends Andrew and Cherone.  It didn’t let up neither.  It was hard to concentrate stuffing our lives into our back pack as they were taking the piss with heckles of banter at what we were taking.  Let alone doing!


But they are equally as inspiring.  They too are global citizens reflected by the cultural artifacts that capture the senses.  They allow us to feel at home which is just awesome as we don’t have one.  At the moment!

Tomorrow it will be a tent!  We will make it as homely as we can with all our worldly possession.


Cherone chucked us out of the car just on 6am to wait for the bus.  We got to see the super moon and the sun rise.  And the clouds dispersing a torrential shower of rain.  We jingled with some uneasiness as the tent is going to be our friend over the coming kilometres.  I also don’t remember the umbrellas getting packed!

The travel from Auckland to Kaitaia by bus allowed us to view the topography we will be back tracking.  Three words that summed up what we were about to start … it’s very green.   That’s all we have to stay focused on, green is a lovely colour.





Oh and … it’s 100% Pure New Zealand too.





  1. Andrew & Cherone

    November 22, 2016 at 7:15 am

    Great catching up as always & to hear your Canada stories. Good luck with the ‘wee walk’ south! Hope to share a campsite with you somewhere along the way. Andrew & Cherone

    • Brent

      November 25, 2016 at 5:11 pm

      Cheers Wilsons, we always feel at home with you and we look forward to you carrying our back packs some of the way, that’s awesome. Bring marshmellows :0)

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