Once upon a time, there was a High Road (highway), a Middle Road (service road) and a Lower Road (lake side Route Verte).

After the first hill cycling out of Riviera du Loup being the warm up, we knew we were in for a sweaty one!

DSC04946-1280x853Deciding to ignore the ‘no cyclist’ signage, we rolled down onto the motorway (the high road) and went for it. The plan was to stay on it until we got caught by the Police. It was 52 kms later that we were when we knew the flashing lights weren’t an escort. Playing tourist dumb foundedness had the finger point us onto a service road (middle road) at the next junction.

DSC04943-1280x853Didn’t understand why because us clocking 65 km/hr drilling a down hill section shortly before was within the 60 minimum speed limit. The cop was cute too. Don’t know what BClaire thought of him though!


Both the high and middle roads had their share of thigh burning, knee grinding and teeth gritting sweats. Descending a middle one that was 10% down grade was the camels back. There was a lower road (Route Verte) that hugged the lake meaning flat as. Getting down onto it meant us cutting through someones property … the first two attempts were unsuccesful due to barking dogs!

Once onto it, it was a beautiful ride with bush side cliffs littered in native forna. The water looked inviting however, it was a case of get to the motel as quickly as possible so as to hide from more flashing lights should they appear due to our minor trespassing incident.






We lived happily ever there after, sweat as!

The End.