Do you find that when you drive the same route in reverse, the distance covered seems to go quicker?


Perhaps we didn’t do the stop/starts like yesterday. But when we did make a stop, it was to witness a Grizzly Bear feeding just off to the side of the route re-traveled. No words were spoken … only the sound of the finger capturing what was being observed … that ‘wow’ emotion internalised forever in a day.


Arriving back into Banff Jeramy Trentham had a further surprise in waiting, passes for us to accent up the gondola onto Sulphur Mountain. At 2100 metres in height, we could see the highway cycled in the distance, the township of Banff from above, the surround scenery of mountains, and enjoy the darting and scurrying of chipmunks in search of a food handout. This was another ‘wow’ emotion internalised.


We gave the car back and re-united with our chariot tandem. Jeremy had biked to work so he could escort us for the 21 kms ride to his accommodation in Canmore. And that was the third ‘wow’ moment, to share the pavement with a friend we met five years ago on travels in Laos. Even the skies shed tears of joy for it down-poured the whole way, the only time the whole day! And once we arrived, out came the sun to expose more views of peaks.

But to top off this face book friend visit, it was Jeremy’s birthday and so our turn to repay the hospitality. A meal out out with the ‘Three Sisters’ mountain range looking over us. It wasn’t hard to organize a candle to be placed in-front of Jeremy to puff out and the song ‘happy birthday to you’ be echoed.


Icing on the cake for what was truely a ‘wow’ day.