dsc06382-1280x853We arrived back into down town St John’s to a howling wind and celcius just above the 5 degrees.




The text from our friend in the US to inform us that our rig had arrived was met with both a peace of mind feeling and one of it being missed.

We were in no-man’s land! One where we were treading water waiting for our flight off the island and one where questions were aroused as to whether we should have continued on with more riding to the US?


Ken our cyclist friend had departed St John’s this morning, cycling back to Agentia to catch the ferry. Poor bugger had to do it with a head wind and moisture. Our other cyclist friend Marcus had also arrived back into St John’s also today after doing a massive tour of Newfoundland by car – his daily minimum kilometerage was over 600 kms per day! Now he was preparing to depart back to the mainland also.

One last meal with Marcus signaled a handshake and hug farewell. This time it was going to be more permanent. Just like Ken’s a week or so back.

Our flight was at 5.40 am tomorrow morning so we decided not to book any accommodation.

Instead, we drove to the car rental car park and with the wind battering our little roller skate and like a baby cradle being rocked, it helped us doze off to sleep.

Wish we could say the same about sleeping like a baby!


Newfoundland Was First To:
Respond to Titanic SOS.
Vaccine for smallpox.
Have wireless communication in the world.

They have the oldest rock in the world.
Most pubs per square foot in Canada.
A Newfoundler invented the gas mask.
They are the most sexually active people in Canada.