The cloud dispersed as the ride made distance.

DSC04930-1280x853We observed a spectacular view of the far coast line where sometimes whales can be sighted in the waters between. Rock formations like rib bones have returned onto our landscape which is the indication we are now going to be working the thigh muscles more often than not. And more fields are turning a deeper yellow or gold.




DSC04919-1280x853We also saw our first moose sign in ages and spooked a Deer that bounded off to the safety of bush across a field of yellow. Another David Attenborough moment when Claire spotted a furry thing crawling at a rest stop. Up close, it looked more prickly. Camera has a zoom, yay!


DSC04877-1280x853A lot of artists live in this part of Quebec and contributed to keeping our enjoyment of riding today. The sculpture of a nude women looked so realistic as if a busker smothered in mud – very clever. As was an old washing machine painted bright red. Claire mentioned that once she got her fingers stuck in ones ringers!




Today we clicked over 6,000 kms cycled. What better way to celebrate than to again met up with our biking buddy Ken who was also booked into our accommodation as well.


Tomorrow we hang a right leaving the St. Lawrence River as the New Brunswick Province beckons.

A new blank canvas indeed.

The thighs can sense it!