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15/7/16: Twilight; Wawa to Montreal River Harbour -108.2 kms

The raw beauty was ten fold on the road being ridden today, as we cross the guts of Canada.




DSC02596-1280x853Land locked water attracts many a keen fisher-person with all shapes and sized crafts passing us to be launched and go hunt for what swims in the pristine depths. We watched these two old codgers paddle around in a full circle wondering if they were doing some pow-wow ritual before dropping the lines over the sides to fish … surely they weren’t lost? We know what lost looks like!


DSC02603-1280x853We pulled into Katherine Cove for a nature stop on the Lake Superior edge. Skirting through the trees, we came out onto a beach that you could swear was a slice of paradise on the Abel Tasman of New Zealand. Two kayaks were pulled up on the golden sand and there was an instant connection with the paddlers Bill and Sherry. During the words spoken, they offered us their house to stay at further up the road being ridden even though they weren’t going to be there this evening. It was so humbling however, just a fraction longer in distance we were planning on journeying today. Swapping details for a possible future meet up is always in hope as we could have easily just camped with them right there and then. So much in common, a cool unexpected interlude.

DSC02616-1280x853The ginger bearded man Martin from yesterday caught us on an up hill bit, another great reason to stop and give the thigh burn a rest over some chit chat. We had arranged to meet Ken (also from yesterday) at our the spot we were staying at at Montreal River Harbour. Martin informed us that his bike seat had broken so was limping along some kms back. Would we see him or would he try to thumb a ride all the way to Sault Ste Marie to get the bum comfort sorted?

DSC02619-1280x853Either way, we booked a cabin to share should he arrive and we have to say, the view looking out over Lake Superior to the distant horizon wasn’t shabby at all. In fact, it was up there as being one of the best pieces of Canadian paradise we have stopped at whilst on the tandem.

Made more special with us having clocked over 4,000 kms on the odemeter.

Ken arrived and got to watch the twilight with us. Yay!


Another bit of raw beauty as the sun slide down sky turning the yellow ball to orange and sink below the lake surface. Sitting there in silence with only the sound of the waves against the shore line was pure peace and tranquility. And giving the dusk bugs something to feast on the little!


Where was I … oh yeah.

I wonder if the two old codgers straigtened out in the end and was off the their piece of paradise by sunset before the monsters of the deep came out and was fishing for them!


  1. I was on that road and in Lake Superior PP during this time. I remember seeing a tandem bike riding on the road and thought it strange.. Granted I also at first found the bikes riding across Canada strange period until I researched it. Looks like you guys have made it far. Good on you! Keep the adventure strong.

    • Brent

      August 27, 2016 at 11:26 pm

      Hey Boris, thank you for your comment. We had black and white Kiwi costumes on and towing a trailer. We have made it to Truro, Nova Scotia and have approximately 1,500 km still to ride until St Johns, Newfoundland. It’s been absolutely amazing and how can we not fall in love with Canada.
      An awesome country you have here Boris. Grins, The Rurus – Brent and Claire

      • I think that might have been you def, Did you have bright yellow gear on the back of the bike as well? Good luck on the rest of your trip. I’m following your blog and looking forward to seeing what you get up to. I was down under a few years ago and had the opportunity to visit your wonderful country as well.

        • Brent

          August 27, 2016 at 11:52 pm

          Yes re yellow gear. Cheers Boris, hopefully the blog post read okay. They take a bit of thought daily … will be great to reflect on what was when we are much more aged! If ever down under again, make contact. Always a bed there.

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