We took two rest days in Hope.

DSC00540-600x900‘Rambo: First Blood’ was filmed in Hope back in 1981.
It’s been 35 years since Hollywood were in town and for all those Rambo fans who still get goose bumps from just reading his name, Hope has a Rambo site tour map so you can spot the key film locations. Chain saw art dotted around the township is funky, our favourite was the Abominable Snowman. Close to a Sylvester lookalike but wasn’t on the tour map so can’t be.

Meeting a sturgeon fish which is the largest fresh water fish in the world can be caught in the local Fraser River all year round. Thankfully our togs were discarded as part of the downsizing of gear as meeting one of these swimming pre-historic things would have one muddy the water further. Google one and you will know what we mean

DSC00552-800x533Again, hospitality has been overwhelming – the bike shop was closed today so yesterday, the local supermarket owner rang the bike shop owners Dad who got his son (the Owner) to open up for us to get just two tubes today; then when we went to the Post Office to post a box of stuff, the lady serving us was the supermarket owners sister who was happy to see the first of many bikers for the season sending stuff on because the bike shop owner shared what is about to take place when we leave Hope and hang a left!

The sister in the Post Office pointed us in the direction of a local food joint called ‘Rolly’s Restaurant’ where her and her sisters – the Supermarket owner’s mother used to work at; and wow, it was a diner just like you see in the movies!

A man walks in, an apron lady walks up and places a cup in front and pours coffee.

Just like the cop did in the Rambo movie all those years ago.

Gave one goose bumps!


Lastly, it’s been a year since eating a hamburger, what better place to have the first one and remember it for … ‘Rurus: First Hamburger’