We imagined that the noise up the hallway that echoed loudly at some ungodly hour was Dumtypical behaviour of University larikens! Already sleeping in confined conditions, leaning over for a snuggle got me smacked by the bike in the middle. For some reason, the sheet didn’t fit the bed neither meaning it crumpled up at the foot end and was hard to unbundled to get warmth after leaving the window open and the moisture from rain drop the room temperature. All while the other half snored!

Surprisingly, a good nights sleep was had!

DSC04812-1280x853Although raining, we headed off to catch an 8.30 am ferry across the St. Lawrence. Google maps was fantastic to get us onto a road that would take us down to the rivers edge and along to the terminal. However, Google Maps doesn’t show road construction nor detour signs. Thought we would be smart and like the other day, walk the bike but as we got closer from gliding down the hill, the road was completed blocked off meaning no access whatsoever.

When did the construction safety in this country decide to get all politically correct after seeing what we have ridden through! Even trying to cut through a church yard was useless meaning we had to unload the rig to turn it around, push it up some to then ride the uphill back in the direction of the University to take another route.

Dumb dumb detour and subsequent re-routing meant missing the 8.30 am ferry and another hour before getting the next. Been a while since we have jumped in puddles having by-passers think we had lost the plot. Thank goodness we had a good nights sleep eh?!

DSC04822-1280x853Looking back at the city from across the yonder gave us a pleasant feeling of exploration gratitude. Again, if traveling, make sure you venture down to waters edge below the township, it is so worth it. We missed that part and there were certainly some extra km we should have included.



As we rode out of Levis, the St. Lawrence was now on the left. It was habit to keep looking right and different seeing farmland versus the St L. River. It was even more fascinating when we did look left that the river itself widened into the Gulf of St. Lawrence and nigh impossible to see the opposite side.


The rain abated early afternoon but the fiesty head wind continued to hit us smack on the nose didn’t. We haven’t experienced this type of mother nature in a long while but had to keep pushing forward, even if the speedometer slowed to below 12 km an hour forward motion. Most people would have given up and found lodgings earlier. Not us, we had pre-booked our accommodation and knew a bath would be waiting for us on our arrival. Even the contributing aches from yesterdays walkabout didn’t weaken our determination.






DSC04828-1280x853Riding passed a section that had sculptures of heads remined us of the ‘Night of the Museum’ movie where the similar head statue was referred to as ‘Dumb Dumb’. We had some dumb dumb moments today where we had to laugh at ourselves. It helped with the mental games.


Just who was dumb and who was dumber?

Pfft, it goes without questioning naturally. And you won’t find the answer on Google Maps either!