Rain + wind = no cycle day. It was a more sensible option versus getting on the tandem to be soaked through and then cycle over100 kms in the head wind to pitch a tent etc, etc, etc.


Making the most of our lay-over involved stretching the legs and walking back to The General Store and Tourist Information Centre.

DSC02578-1280x853On the return walk back two cyclists pulled into a motel nearby. We couldn’t help ourselves but magnetise toward them for a salutation and chat. Mike was 64 years of age and Brent was 63; they had ridden from White River to Wawa in the weather conditions and mentioned the liquid pea soup sunshine was worse here. Phew, for a moment in conversation, we both had some guilts for not riding! They asked if we had seen a cyclist with a ginger beard and no we hadn’t.

DSC02579-1280x853Then as we came out of the grocery shop, we met Martin who was just locking up his bike go into the shop we were exiting. He had cycled from White River also and is cycling across Canada like us and raising awareness and collecting donations for mental health (keeppushing@defeatdepression.ca). He started cycling on 7th June so was making unbelieveable distance in amazing time. We have just clicked over being on the road for two months having done the same distance; our thoughts are that we will finish the ride in another two months or so where as Martin is finishing on 29th August. Must be the ginger beard. Nup, not feeling the guilts for our timeframe!

DSC02580-1280x853And as we walked back to our abode, who should have arrived to be hopping off his bike having also ridden from White River today, our cyclist friend Ken who we first met in BC. Third time un-lucky to feel guilty about not riding to day, nope. Once our decision not to ride was made first thing this morning, we got on with the day no matter the tougher bastards out there doing it in our faces reminding us that we didn’t!

Banter was picked up where we had left it a couple of Provinces back; it was so cool to see him again after all this time spending the afternoon conversing about stories from the saddle.

Having to return to the grocery shop, we met a young Polish cyclist getting grocery supplies so as to get back on the road for some more riding under the cover of grey clouds and daylight. He had come 70 kms from the direction we were going to be going today and said he got soaked and cold from the wind.

No cycle day = meeting Mike, Brent, Martin, Ken and the Polish chap.

Makes sense sometimes to be soft when it rains and blows.