Leaving Mission bound for Hope – today turned out to be one of a mission with the hope that we would survive a long day in the saddle.

The extra two banana’s BClaire had purchased fell whilst crossing a road. The mission was to go back to pick them up hoping no one would run over them. It was hopeless, they got squashed by the tenth car!

DSC00525-800x533Every second person owns a Harley Davidson here; sharing the road with the sound of a rumbling muffler vibrates the tandem as they over take. They are awesome. As we were parked up at a pub in Harrison Mills for lunch, we let about 20 beasts park up beside our rig … it was the fellow roadie thing to do!

Thank goodness the road has a verge wide enough for us to keep our lane without hindering the larger rigs making us road kill as they throttle passed doing 110 kms an hour. Riding the bridge over the Fraser River out of Agassiz was head down arse up non-stop as we had to straddle the traffic lane – that was a scarry mission.

DSC00532-800x533But once over the Fraser and onto the last 36 kms had us at the base of the mountains, we could reach out and touch them. They are majestic, the smell of trees in the mountain fresh air with head turned to the right; to the left was diesel smell of traffic.

Today wasn’t supposed to be a 100km day according to map and blog distances. However, it was. It was more testing than yesterdays ride and certainly one of a mission to arrive with the hope we would make it.

A flat tyre just 1km from the Hope turn off stretched the resolve even further. Being the back wheel meant un-loading the bike gear entirely to repair. Try doing that with rumbles and throttles within a metre and half.

Arriving later than anticipated and now having two days of wear and tear under our bums, we decided to upgrade versus the tent and take a day of rest. It’s time to downsize our load, to minimalize and discard 10-15 kgs. The friends who posted the Grizzly chasing a biker had nothing to do with it!

That would be a hopeless mission under our current circumstances.