When you disassociate from daily routine, you notice the small things you take for granted more.

For example, perfume or cologne.  When Warren walked out with cologne on, the sweetness of the smell when inhaled spiked up the hairs on the back of the neck; he smelt soooo good!  Chasing him around the place so I could rub myself all over him, that was last evenings belly full of liquid speaking!

The same can’t be said for the reaction we receive when people first see us after a couple of days walking in the same clothes.  We know we smell like skunks no matter the number of wet wipes you use to mask the stench.  I chased him some more.



It wasn’t enough though to deter him from dropping us off at the start of our walking the Hunua Ranges today.  Too much chit chat, we drove passed our GPS drop off point and so had to back track a kilometre or two.  As Warren sped off, he was still shaking his head as to why someone would walk the distance it would take only ten minutes to drive.  The first couple of stubbed boot toes due to heavy legs from the fun the night before, we were thinking the same.

The track up to a Kauri grove was like a highway made to heaven.  There was steepness, a creek crossing and we by-passed the Hunua Falls side track to stay on the destination co-ordinates.  The Kauri trees weren’t as wide in diameter as Tane Moana, their towering height with Medusa like canopy branches were though.  They just have you in a trance pondering what they have experienced since starting as a seedling.



The track after that turned ugly with mud and low hanging vines making the tramping less enjoyable. We seem to take an hour or more longer than what the time estimates on the charts and with drizzle teasing us with heavier moisture, it became a task of one careful step forward after another until we reached a better track.  Meeting Adam at a shelter evolved into us all walking the last 8 kms of gravel to the Lower Mangatawhiri camping area.







The drizzle abated and we found dryness under a Manuka tree grove to pitch the tent.  A camp fire was soon blazing flame and giving off both heat to dry footwear and smoke to deter the mosquitos from feeding; a small stream where we filtered water to re-hydrate from hangover consumption during the day; and having conversations with Adam as rice was cooked for dinner who has himself been a business owner now having a gap year just getting lost away from routine, made for our little piece of camping spot paradise just magic.




Adam’s one thing he is going to take away from the experience so far as something he is going to change about himself is not to complain like before.  Quite inspiring and we too thought we should adopt this for the better.

Retiring to lay vertical, the birds came out to sing and wow, we lost count as to the different types of tunes.  One stood out above all, the Morepork.  Also, known as the Ruru.

The song of the snore.  That too was last evenings belly full of liquid speaking again!