A day staying put. No bike seat. No car seat. Just a bum at a table seat and couch seat. With a walk in-between to blow the cob webs out of the lungs and clear the mind. A gander around a village and ponder what was, what is and, what is gonna be.


From bush to plate, our own picked wild blueberries were sweet tasting on the breakfast cereal. To have the availability to pluck them from the landscape in their natural form without pesticides or sprays or human handling or platinum airmile points was awesome.

dsc06278-1280x853The harbour lay dormant apart from a couple of diggers dredging the inner sea bed. Back in the black and white photo days, this place was a hustle and bustle thriving fishing industry spot where cod literally jumped into fisherman’s boats. But typical human greed had depleted the stock so much to near extinction, a ban on fishing for cod crippled the livelihoods overnight. Population migration to seek income or welfare elsewhere resulted and to purchase a property here now for next to squids it tempting. Some sellers have been known to throw in a vehicle and boat as part of the sale package.







There is a smaller fishing aspect nowadays and the summer tourist season boasts the hardy remaining towns folk coffers for another year of existence.




Transients like us are dwindling the hostel beds as winter knocks, only to be replaced with students who come here to study at the University. I can think of more friendlier environments to get an education when the temperatures here will soon plummet to below zero.


The odd conversation with locals are still bitter about the cod situation. Unfortunately, we are our own worst ememy when we hunt more than is needed faster than the stock can replenish itself naturally. It’s gone beyond the ‘take enough for just a meal’ to one of take the lot for the dollar riches. The habit to want more with less isn’t abating neither and bugger the future younger generations. Let alone poor old mother earth who is hurting! Human waistlines are testament to this little rant as are the global weather pattern changes.

However, what we have enjoyed about our time with hostels is to see the spark in people traveling to enjoy what we still have.

The Russian girl who rocked up here the night before last, got up at the crack of dawn yesterday so as to get a lift to Trinity East to hike the coastline trail we did. She then hitched a ride with a bike she borrowed from the hostel to Elliston to spot Puffins and visit the bronze father/son statue to then cycle the bike back to the hostel in the dark without lights or helmet, walking in the door around 9 pmish last evening.

Most of us would criticize her health and safety for what she had done. We applaud her vibrance for living life to the fullest while the vibrance of life is still available. Getting a tyre flattie just means adjustment to flagging down a passing car to hitch another ride. Or walk home. Hostels are the places where like minded people can fish abundantly for such inspirational like mindedness. This spark for life will never become depleted. No matter the greed for footprint, possessions or consumption.

Hostelling International have adopted a charter to strive for environmental friendliness around Energy Conservation; Consumption; Pollution; Recyling; Transport; Nature; Environment Education. A great blueprint for future generational enjoyment for what could still be. Worth a photo gander from the comforts of one’s lounge chair. Or worth checking out if you venture to stay in an HI Hostel. Priceless if you live and breath them while the oxygen is relatively still breathable.


Too late for the cod fish themselves.

But never too late for the other species WE share the planet with.

As I write this today 14/9/16 watching the sunrise, already the Russian girl has got up, got picked up, and gone! There is no way I’m gonna go in and wake up BClaire to get on with the day with such entusiasm. That would not be the wisest vibrance on my behalf!!!!!