DSC04640-1280x853The fortifications surrounding Old Québec measure nearly 4.6 km long and was the only fortified city north of Mexico. Walking the massive stone walls gave views of the Old City, considered to be one of the world’s 20 most romantic destinations with history, culture, flair and European charm.





For the religious tourist, there is heritage for all denominations to worship with steeples and statues a plenty. Add on a wander through the ‘Plains of Abraham’ and you will descend and ascend the site of several battles between the French and British forces in the mid 1700’s.



By the time we got back to our bed for the night, we would have walked nearly 20 km exploring Québec City. Wearing flip flops (not the best foot wear choice) and perhaps some redness from sunburn was worth the aches and pains to get lost amongst the hordes of fellow visitors.





DSC04695-1280x853A knock on the door as we were chilling was a fellow cyclist we had met earlier in the day. We watched her cycle passed on a street incline that had me scurry after her. She was quite speedie. I thought about taking off one of me jandals and try to hit her in the back of the head to get her attention. Wasn’t needed. I caught up and ended up giving her a helping push up the last hundred metres. We introduced ourselves and the bonus, Christine too was staying at the same place as us and hence the knock on the door to catch up to share journey tales.

At 69 years of age and originating from B.C., she has solo-cycled some 1,000 kms sharing the cross country journey with train transport. Christine has camped more than us as well so that was embarrassing. It just means we have years ahead of us to transition back into the wild … what’s the rush?

Chatting with Christine did amplify getting out there to live life to the fullest; and don’t let age be a fortification.

Especially being a charming single female staying in a dorm of a University. Has a romantic worshipping flair to it.