DSC02526-1280x853The weather yesterday morning was raining and a strong sou’west wind meaning it would have rained up our nostrils. We made the decision to not cycle however, had to find alternative accommodation because our beds had no vacancy for a second night. We found somewhere and our extra stay was rewarded with a cooked chicken and tray of microwave spuds from the Grocery shop. Hot chickens only on Tuesdays and Fridays, bonus as much as delicious.


Departing before 7.30am knowing the wind was to pick up; it picked up within the first km or so. You knew it was strong when a piece of paper flew passed in the opposite direction going faster than you were forward. There were moments where we were sheltered from gusts and then there were moments where the gusts unstabled us to wobble – kind of balanced each other out.

DSC02531-1280x853We pulled up when we saw a bikers bike and met up with Simon from Quebec. A young fella who was cycling around Lake Superior and stopped cycling to camp where his bike was parked up at 1am this morning. He believes that cycling at night was safer to be on the roads versus the day. By the time he finishes, his first ‘bike-about’ will be approximately 1900 kms ridden; he was hooked. I asked, “from this experience, what is the one thing you will incorporate into your life going forward?”

Simon’s response, “The power of the present moment.” Expanded further, it was more to enjoy the day today. When he first started out, it was easy for him to bike longer distances and finish his journey quicker. But he got it. What was the rush when what he was doing was amazing resulting in him doing shorter distances and taking longer to finish. It was a cool conversation with an invite for us to stay with him and his family further up the road.


We bumped into Simon later in Wawa and he had already informed his mum to put up the ‘vacancy’ sign for us to stay.

DSC02534-1280x853Wawa is a funky little destination. The Wawa Goose monument is the largest of its kind in Canada and has stood on it current site longer before we were born. It’s one of the most photographed landmarks in North America. We liked the Goomee statues more; or even the General Store.




Then again, it was great to find another bed vacant so me buddy in crime can rest up to have an afternoon nana nap. Also made for a lovely posing shot.


Well deserved from the twenty spuds she ate last evening!