The fella riding passed and asking us if we were Auzzies was the lift we needed whilst trying to peddle forward and stay upright whilst controlling gears and brakes as we undulated out of down town and into the suburbs. Nothing was funny until then … wearing our apparel that has New Zealand all over them and all!

DSC00509-1280x853It was about the first pedal; the first kilometre; the first ten kms; the first up; the first down; the first un-balance and nearly the first crash; and most definitely the first fifty “WTF are we doing” comments.
But a journey starts with the first step (or in our case, pedal) and tis better to have tried than not tried at all. No life is worth reflecting with the word’s of “I wish I had of …”

DSC00514-2739x1684Day one was tough as we expected and we made it to Mission after fare welling our friend Jennifer Reid who we are sure was shaking her head watching us wobble up the road amongst city congestion!

We knew that the first night sleep was to be both sleepless and snore – one ear listening for the bumps in the night. With other permanents surrounding us, it was a reverse of our living in the caravan whereby we were now the transient traveller. They gave us solace … there was some comfort hearing human voices under the cover of darkness versus a sniff of a racoon or the like! Overnight tenting – another first.

We too are human with emotions, our bodies are going to take a couple of days to adjust to the conditions we are challenging ourselves with, however, as long as we continue to remind ourselves, “keep going and never give up”, tomorrow is another day.

WTF are we doing!