No swimming!

It was a distinct notice on a Water Race that we rode up to on the Kaniere Water Race Walkway.

Except, we had mountain biked there.

Errrr, I had mistakenly taken Claire on what I thought was part of the Wilderness Trail and knew something was up when we entered the bush line after the Water Race and we had to manuver and walk the bikes! After some discussion, okay, debate type of arguement type of I cocked it up banter, we reversed out the way we went in – biking, walking and manuvering to return to where we had left the car.

It was a simple mistake not to see the sign for the Wildnerness Trail pointing in the direction of it being further up the road. The track we had encountered was an intermediate/advanced one.


I tried to make light of the situation to promote it being great training for the Ghost Trail Ride. To no avail, I was still a c..k.

We drove to Lake Kaniere and found the end of the ride we were supposed to do and thus, biked backwards to where our start should have been. To see the Water Race we rode up to earlier by mistake on the skyline kind of had a funny element to it. I thought so, eeeeeek!

The correct part of the Wilderness Trail ridden today is certainly an easy ride. You will not be disappointed with how the water actually flows up hill. It eventually arrives at a treatment plant to supply the awesome township of Hokitika.

The forest and fauna is magnificent and although you can’t swim in the water race itself, a dip in Lake Kaniere is allowed.

Cools off tempers … I mean temperatures after an enjoyable mountain bike blat!