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11/7/16: Winnie the Shit Stain; Marathon to White River – 96.2 kms

The direction took us inland away from Lake Superior whereby we encountered forestry industry and logging trucks. A large concrete structure nearly obscured from view was a gold mine. There wasn’t time made to snap a shot because the forecast was for thunder storm weather due to arrive around lunchtime.



DSC02443-1280x853We took the risk to boot it to White River after securing some accommodation just after 7am. Even though there was a head wind for a majority of the way, it keep us cool under the sunshine till the clouds started to block out the blue. We made it in great time which was a terrific sign that the bodies have adjusted to the new terrain and biking routine strategy. A lot of it is mental though … we already had our minds there, all we needed to do was get the bodies there. They came through.

Got the first two verses of the new children’s book being written (Tilly and Her Imaginary Horse) during the first 20 kms. That was exciting. But then got writer’s block! The key was to start the new project and give it some focus so as to be sure it is ready to be published before we get off the tandem at the very end of this adventure. Even ‘Claire the Cool Cat’ had some theme brainstorming along the way.

We had our picture taken at the ‘Winnie the Pooh’ monument. It was just the inspiration one needed to get the second verse drafted. Beauty.DSC02431-1280x853


Conversing with the owner of the cabins we have made home for the night, she asked if we saw the huge thermometer at the turn off into the township. Errrr, nup. We went the back road after Winnie. White River holds the record in Canada for reaching the coldest temperature ever recorded at minus 72 degrees celcius. And this causes the old folk of White River distaste that Winnie keeps stealing the lime light.

The oldies refer to the monument as ‘Winnie the Shit Stain.’

When ‘Tilly and Her Imaginary Horse’ becomes a household name, I should be safe with where the monument will be built to recognise it’s origins.

A little place called ‘Kowhitirangi.’

But not next to the memorial to the incident that sparked New Zealand’s biggest ever man-hunt after the mass shooting of seven people.

That would be pooh!



  1. HI Uncle Seagull and Aunty Claire,
    What a wonderful photo of you guys in the paper. I never knew that Canada got down to -72 degrees, that must be cold if I thought that -8 was cold. Well done with the biking I definitely could not last that long.
    Love Deagan Agnew X O 🙂

    • Brent

      July 14, 2016 at 9:36 am

      Hi Deagan
      Thank you. We thought it would get cold like that more closer to the Artic Circle versus how far south we are (closer to the US border). There are lots of interesting things we are discovering about Canada as we bike … thought of you when we found out that Winnie the Pooh was also at the same place as the coldest temperature. Lots of people riding motor bikes here, you would love it and definitely last longer getting across from one side to the other. Stay warm, missing fishnchips, love Uncle Seagull and Aunty Claire. Hugs to Jayla and the olds. xxxxx

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