You would think that being minimalists, we would have the experience to be able to down size our life being carried on our backs more so than we have!  Especially having now encountered the different landscape, weather, food, hospitality and new friendship extremities.


Apparel was switched to something more durable; some new gear purchased to something of a lesser weight and what was not needed because of lack of use, discarded.  Everything either worn or carried was scrutinized.

Somehow, the weight felt like it was more than what has previously been humped!

Mind you, we had purchased five days’ worth of food – breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in-between.  It would be the most we have carried at any one time due to the limited food re-supply points between our next starting point (Hunua Ranges) and Hamilton.

That and trying to buy in bulk so as to be more cost effective.   Fish and chips, hamburgers and booze off the menu this part of the map.  Or so we had planned.


The Wilsons dropped us off at other friends Warren and Sue’s for an over-night catch up.  We knew these two from our working and playing together up in Dubai and knew this was going to be a fun night.  Moderation was important for our readiness tomorrow.  One doesn’t want to be walking with a hangover.

Furthermore, given where we were going to exit the Hunua Ranges in a couple of days only ten minutes ups the motorway, Warren suggested he pick us up and bring us back for another night of fun.  Under the influence, we agreed.  I think it was the offer to have Roast Chicken for dinner!


It also meant we didn’t need to carry everything for two days too.  Bonus.  What’s another two or glasses of plonk to celebrate!

One of us doesn’t remember going to bed!