Twillingate is one of the best places on the planet to see icebergs.



They float down from just up the latitude Greenland however, all we saw today were white caps skimming the deep blue sea from the biting on-shore wind. The chill made the knuckles ache and hopefully, that’s not an early sign to arthritus from overuse joints gripping and holding onto the rig handle bars!

You can also see whales gather in large numbers to feed and play from the spot we were standing – Humpback, Minke, and Fin. Puffin birds also nest on the coastline.


Except today, there was neither ofthem as well because we have kind of missed the season. It didn’t matter, the signage boards were informative to paint the picture from where we were standing looking out into the yonder.



Living communities stuff the bays and coves where people have existed for over two centuries. Descendants of West Country fishermen, they weren’t the first inhabitants. The aborigial Beothuk and Dorset people date back as far as 6,000 years. Sadly, you don’t see much evidence of their presence apart from intermittent road side shop selling knicky knacky gifts.






Tree foilage doesn’t grow up three quarters of a tree stem, only moss. This is because they are under snow for many months of the year. It’s amazing how they have forged survival in the landscape driven today as we journeyed as far from St John’s we have allowed ourselves to do. It was fun dodging the road pot holes too! Seriously, the cars behind must have thought we were under the influence as we swerved from side to side so as the roller skate didn’t disappear into any. And some of the roads were long declines and inclines. We were so pleased to have chosen the shorter cycle ride from Agentia … there would have been many a joint pain greater than the knuckles, that’s a certainty!

In another couple of weeks or three, the realms of autumn will be well underway and green will turn to crimson and orange and red. Darkness will finish later and creep in earlier. You can sense it in the wind experienced today.

We found out that it’s also Moose hunting season! Which could explain why none were spotted so far.

Alive or dead served up in a steak now, something is better than nothing!