There were a number of trips to the toilet in the night due to over-hydration of the grape kind! What ever was in the body as we rode toward Troi Rivieres (Three Rivers) poured out in external moisture as the mercury on the humidex climbed upwards. We were happy not to have the head pain from any hangover and put that down to the quality wine we had consumed being from Aotearoa. Fifteen litres of water before shut eye helped possibly too!


Paul-emile and Louise rode with us out of Repentigny and someways up the road. We stopped at a Tim Hortons (only 2nd time across Canada) for a mid-morning cuppa and muffin. We had our wallet and thus our hosts didn’t pay this time! It is Louise’s birthday this coming Friday and as a combined early birthday and departing gesture, she requested a rendition of the Kiwi Haka (only 2nd time across Canada too) be performed with shirt off outside Tims! Claire was brilliant, holding the rig egging me on and so it was done.

It was heartfelt sincerity to leave someone with a smile as the words were belted out across a car park to action in appreciation of another humbling homestay. We could get used to this. Apart from the volume of wine consumption and not contributing to it’s purchase. A shame the time spent together was short as we rode off in opposite directions.





We were back following the St. Lawrence River on the 138. The heat haze and warmth was intermittently shielded under the cover of some trees lining the rivers edge. Little townships were dotted along it’s shore and on the other side of the road beyond the homesteads, large fields as far as the eyes could see were yellow were trimmed from hay bailing or green with maze crops. Many an old barn were plentiful; and back toward the St. L River, large cargo ships looked beached in it’s middle.

DSC04503-1280x853It would be fair to write that if you are ever looking for an alternative item to add to your bucklet list of one of those adventures you would live to remember for the rest of your days, then consider cycling the St. Lawrence River from Toronto. You would not be dissappointed with it’s treasures of beauty, honestly. And anyone who hasn’t ridden a bike for a long time would manage the terrain conditions because it is mostly flat. The great news is that you could land in Toronto versus Vancouver meaning we have saved you a sore arse!


Seeing a road barrier where one’s side of the road is blocked off didn’t mean one had to take the suggested detour. Just meant we had to disembark the rig under the watchful eye of workmen digging up the road with smiles at what they were witnessing. Two idiots trying to manuver and push there ‘home away from home’ over mounds of sand on the edge of the cravass waiting for one of them to lose one’s balance and fall in.


We are confident it will be fixed when you take the same road on your journey of cycling the St. Lawrence River.

Oui, c’est tre magnifique.