DSC02378-1280x853If you were to write a child’s book, what would it be about? What age group would you have in mind? Would there be lot’s of words and pictures? Or not? These types of questions arose after we passed signage to indicate where Winnie the Pooh was concepted, White River. We’ll be stopping there next but before that, we have to recover from our Marathon today.

Yep! The strength zapped early and it was jelly legs to best describe how the thighs and calves felt after ending our days ride. That was even after using the additional front cog for the first time since starting the tandem cycle and taking micro-stops up a number of the inclines. If you have ever run a marathon, then you can understand. We haven’t neither so come to think of it, we imagine it’s like having run a marathon!

The flipside, great conditioning training for the pending days of more of the same. As long as the bodies can rest and recover, the conversations we have with each other needs to be supportive to keep the attitude, resilience, perserverance and sense of accomplishment positive.

Claire’s childrens book will be about ‘Claire The Cool Cat.” No story theme, just a title. Mine, well, ‘Tilly and Her Imaginary Horse.” About a little girl who has an imaginary horse and in the end, had me riding it too. Having ridden that today would have been a heck of lot easier than what was endured today. That I do believe.

The views from the tandem were just as spectucular like yesterday except that there were far more land-locked lakes.







DSC02382-1280x853And the bridges facsinated.  We stopped on one that crossed the Little Pic River in time to see the back end of the train cross one toward Lake Superior. A truck hurtled itself onto our structure as we stood in the middle and the thing shook higher than a 5 on the richter scale scaring the living daylights out of us. It was freaky.




It’s amazing where adrenalin can be found when one needs it!



Just as much as getting the creative juices going about writing a children’s book.

So, what would YOUR children’s book be about?