After yesterdays blog was posted, the phone in the room we are staying in rang – it was dusk and in Canadian time, that is nigh the 10pm.

“There is a Marcus here looking for you, can I send him over to your room?”


DSC01429-1024x683We met Marcus Udokang back in Golden. He too is cycling across Canada except taking a more southern route where it is said, ghost towns exist. It was pleasing to see him not as an apparition, but in the real him; and the cross pollenation chit chat was like bee’s to honey! He had smashed his phone meaning a day needed to sort it out today and because we had a scheduled rest day, there was more personal interface to enjoy more gas bagging.

Quite appropriate given that Medicine Hat is known for its large natural gas fields and is therefore referred to as “The Gas City”.

Tomorrow, we are going to pass something that is the world’s tallest … anyone hasten to guess what that would be without googling?

A hint lies in the pics below.






All going to plan, we will be leaving Alberta to cross into Saskatchewan.

A different king of gas needed to get us there it would be fair to write.