The sound of chains rattling across the roof after mid-night startled us awake.

“What the hell was that?”

“You go investigate?”

“No, you go do it.”

No one moved from beneath the covers.

The only sound that could be heard was Nick in the corner.  Snoring.  He hadn’t budged at all.  Wears ear plugs too which is ironic for a snorer.

Even the thought of topping and tailing on the beds to comfort nerves didn’t happen.  No one was keen to get out of bed feeling safe in the thing should an apparition appear!

As heads sunk back onto pillows one by one to drift back off to sleep, repenting sins must have spun around people’s heads asking for forgiveness without muttering the words.

The sun rose and as we sat eating breakfast, we brainstormed what the noise could have been.  Then it happened again.  A truck towing a trailer and not slowing down went over some road construction beyond the gate.

What idiot driver speeds like a maniac to scare five; no four, TA walkers staying at a disused Convent in the middle of the night?

As the march to credit Mother Mary Aubert with Sainthood progresses to fruition, its attracting more visitor numbers.  We recommend the experience.  Overnighting too.


Seeing a sign for a coffee nailed to a tree had us beach, disembark and then walk up a road at Matahiwi.  The café was closed however, there under cover was a river boat called the ‘River Queen.’  There was a New Zealand movie called “River Queen” filmed on the waters of the Wanganui River.  We haven’t seen it but have the display posters.  On them were pictures of the same boat.  Well, it looked the same having the same name.

Wild goat shouldering the riverbanks had increased in numbers.  So too had wild peacocks.  Come to think of it, so too had sheep and cattle.  The flipside was that the number of rapids had dramatically reduced meaning less current.  Floating was nearly at a standstill resulting in more physical paddling to keep momentum.

With the wind in our favour, the consensus was to push forward a little further.  The last 20 kms into Wanganui is tidal with high tide at 10 am the next morning.  To get the outgoing tide became the focus.  With it, our time on the river was going to end a day earlier.

Anything to ease physical exertion whilst sitting on your bum has got to be healthy.