2016 has been one heck of a ride! And walk, slog, slip and slide!

Old habits discarded. New habits instilled. Experiences collected. Memories reflected.

We’ve strived hard to put more passion, zeal and enthusiasm into everything we’ve done. When things have gone wrong, we have strived at getting better versus hold bitterness. And before we have judged, we have strived to think of our last mistake.

The hospitality shared and the conversations had with fellow beings were instrumental to who we want to become. They still will be. Some more time needed on some things that matter most. Less time on dusting stuff that sits on a shelf. When we next have one!

While a trip lasts only a set amount of days, its effect on your happiness lasts a lifetime. 2016 has been priceless.

Folk have asked how we design the lifestyle we have. Do the crazy things we do. Live in the now.

So I thought I would share the fundamentals that give us the direction. A simple formula that we have used for some time. A kind of blueprint. From time to time we need to tweek. But from experince, it mostly works for us.

3-3-5-3 formula to make this your best year ever …

3 – what are your 3 biggest goals you would like to tick off this year to make it your best year ever?
3 – MVP’s (Most Valuable Priorities) what 3 actions will you do today to tick off that will take you closer to your 3 Big goals to make this your best year ever?
5 – Daily rituals – what 5 daily rituals will you do to become a better you?
3 – what 3 things are you grateful for that happened today that put a grin on your face and gave you that happy feeling?

When you decide on the first number 3, ask this question … what stuff do I need to keep to help me achieve my 3 big goals to make this my best year ever?

Repeat next year.

There you have it. It’s that simple.

Happy New Year everyone. Thank you for being part of our 2016.

Love the Rurus to where ever you are on this awesome planet of ours.