“Look back on your life and be exhausted from the things your did do

versus be disappointed by the things you didn’t.”

Our names are Brent and Claire Ruru (The Ruru’s) and we are an ordinary couple of middle-aged Kiwi’s from New Zealand (to the right of Australia in the Pacific).

It was when we walked 360+km from Istanbul to Gallipoli in Turkey (April 2011) that started an intentional shift to downsize our footprint, possessions and consumption.

To take up smarter T.I.M.E. habits and live a more simplistic lifestyle, and allow us to get out to travel a heap more – whether in our own back yard or someone elses.

Especially while our bodies still can, and before we truly do lose our marbles!

Might read a little ‘naffy’ however, it’s a sense of enticed ‘happiness’ escaping the mundane clutter of suburbia and the daily ‘routine’ of life.

To be exploring a country side; or to learn a new culture; or to taste local cuisine; or to meet the local citizens or build on connections; or to have conversations about stuff that just has more significance and worth; or all of the above.

To exist.

And, remind you that you only die once!

And that’s it.  Nothing more to package it up any better.

Except we thought we would share our experience’s.

Hopefully there’ll be some enjoyment from the ramblings that may inspire you to get chasing more of whatever your meaningful happiness pursuits may be.

While your body still can.  And/or before you too start losing your marbles!

Remembering that our pursuits don’t have to be your cup of tea to chase and sip.

For us, there is something about venturing off on your own, with nothing but the bare necessities.  The simplicity, the independence, the freedom.

Happy pursuits, the Ruru’s.